Regulation Access for Clients
The Canary Islands Government inform:

To maintain the archipelago’s low incident rate for the pandemic and guarantee the sustainability of our tourist activity, the following regulation is valid for the access to any touristic establishment.

All clients over the age of twelve who are not arriving from the Canary Islands must present one of the following certificates:

- An official certificate of having received the full vaccination of one of the vaccines authorized by the European Medication Agency (EMA) against Covid-19 within the 8 months prior to the arrival or having received at least one dose more than 15 days prior to the arrival and within the last 4 months. The document must state the vaccine received, the number of doses and the date of each dose. In this case it is not necessary to present a negative test result.

- A medical certificate or public document which certifies that the client has passed the disease less than 6 months ago. The document must state the date of the disease. In this case it is not necessary to present a negative test result.

- A negative test result for active COVID-19 infection not older than 72 hours (PCR, TMA or Antigen) .

and Safety

At the Greenfield Hotel we always want that the only concern of our clients is to enjoy their holiday to the fullest. Safety and hygiene has always been a priority; for this reason we have expanded our protection and prevention measures following all the recommendations of the WHO, official organizations and independent experts to ensure the health and well-being of our clients, workers and collaborators in all our establishments.

Next we want to show you the actions planned with the aim of creating a safe environment in our hotel.

Cleaning and disinfection protocols.

Our hotel follow cleaning and disinfection protocols adhering each of the recommendations of the WHO and the health authorities. To guarantee hygiene, disinfection and quality standards in all processes, we have established new cleaning and disinfection protocols, along with new training courses in food hygiene and health standards for our employees.

Common areas: the cleaning and disinfection of the reception, lobby, corridors, bathrooms, restaurants and other common areas of the hotel are carried out thoroughly with the recommended products and increasing their frequency; following all the recommendations of the official organisms.


hotel green field hall

Rooms: Thorough cleaning with specific products to guarantee maximum hygiene on all surfaces, increase in the frequency of disinfection of the surfaces with the highest contact, such as the television, telephone, switches, knobs, taps etc. Elimination of non-essential elements. New protocols for the collection and washing of textiles avoiding cross contamination. Special disinfection measures when checking out a client and establishing the indicated security time after disinfection before assigning them to a new client.


hotel green field habitaciones

Swimming pools and recreational areas: we apply new protocols in cleaning and disinfection tasks, as well as increasing their frequency in the areas of swimming pools, solariums, children's areas, etc. The maintenance, control and cleaning of swimming pool water is increased to guarantee its optimum quality. Capacity control and redistribution of hammock areas to help maintain social distance. 


hotel green field piscina


Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and our All Inclusive are the hallmarks of our hotel and for this reason we have made a strong commitment to adapt with the minimum impact and maximum security for our clients to maintain our restaurant services.

Hydroalcoholic gel spots at all entrances to restaurants and bars as well as on the lifts. Shifts are organized for access to restaurants reducing their capacity.

New structure in the buffets, now assisted, which will contain more individual servings, more packaged products and more show cooking with individualized service. Use of mask in buffets. Rearrangement of tables and passage areas, increasing the safety distance. Sanitized tables and or tablecloths for single use.


To minimize interaction and direct contact with surfaces or the manipulation of documents, we began the gradual installation of new technical and digital solutions such as:

Online service to check-in, following protocols established by WHO and other official entities. Digitization of hotel information and services. New applications for customer communication with hotel staff. Electronic invoicing, avoiding the printing of invoices.


Our workers receive training courses in hygiene and health standards, and the necessary material to carry out their work with all the sanitary guarantees.

Hydroalcoholic hand solution dispensers are incorporated in common areas.

It is required that access to the hotel by all providers is carried out following all the necessary security measures, as well as the entry of merchandise to hotels.


We have established new protocols in our hotels to facilitate the social distance required in interaction with other people as a preventive measure:

Safety signage in all the common areas of the hotels, reminding of the need to maintain a safe distance. Relocation of furniture in common areas to help customers maintain social distance.New animation programs for adults and children, with respect to safety distances. Control capacity in common spaces and their reduction.


Strict controls of purification and disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning systems are carried out in all hotels, as well as water purification and treatment and cleaning of swimming pools.


Our hotel sanitation and disinfection processes have been adapted to current needs and are inspected, tested and verified by external companies.